imageMy passion for woodworking began 20 years ago when I started building my own furniture. I wasnt happy with the quality of cheap, mass produced furniture that fell apart under normal use. One project led to another, and before I knew it, I was hooked.  I started sawing and slabbing more than a decade ago in order to support my own woodworking addiction. Despite the loss of my right arm to a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2006, I continued sawing and woodworking, and persevered to relearn my skill set with the use of only one arm.

Because I have a woodworking background, I understand the process that needs to take place to achieve the desired end goal. Anyone can go to a store and buy mass produced lumber to build a project. I believe in taking it one (giant) log at a time, and sawing each one according to its unique end purpose that is only discovered after opening it up. Some contain beautiful tables that will help the tree live on for decades after it was cut down. Others contain benches, end-tables, or countertops. Some believe that trees are nothing more than an industrial product to be cut, sawed, dried, sanded and stained. I believe a massive tree that stood by with dignity for over 100 years should be treated as such and have its legacy carried forward with beautiful creations. Its why the majority of the logs I cut are rescued urban trees that would otherwise be destined for the burn pile or dump.

imageLocated just south of Menomonie, Wisconsin, I am approximately one hour east of the Minneapolis metro area. Unlike many newcomers jumping on the wood slab bandwagon, I have been operating my Lucas mill and slabber for over a decade and have cut thousands of board feet of lumber and slabs in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I set up shop in the remnants of a 100 year old farmstead in NW Wisconsin. After decades of neglect it is rough around the edges, just like a lot of the massive logs that I saw, but the end goal is the same: apply a little sweat and elbow grease, and find the purpose and beauty in all the rough.

I offer a wide range of services. Do you want to buy a slab for a furniture project? I can help. Do you have a massive log you want sawed into slabs or lumber for your own use? I can help you with that too. Do you have a massive tree with sentimental value that you would like to see made into a unique piece of furniture to help you remember it? From sawing, to drying, to the final piece of furniture, I can help you with that as well. Whatever you need, just drop me a line, and I’ll do what I can to help.