STOP. Before you contact me, please read through the FAQ to determine if your question has already been answered.

Please be descriptive. I have hundreds of slabs and I cant possibly tell you about every single one. Please tell me what species you want, what size you want, what you wish to build with it, when you need it, etc.  I do not have photos of every piece of wood in my inventory.  While I will take a couple photos to give you an idea what I have in stock, I will not take a photo of every piece of wood and email them to you. I’m typically here working six to seven days a week which gives ample time for even the busiest people to make an appointment.

All visits are by appointment only to allow for ample time for all customers and projects. 

If the form is not working for some odd reason, email “contact at logboy dot com”.

While I prefer customers use the contact form or email, I understand not everyone is technically proficient. You can call 507-319-5285 Monday-Sat, 9-5. Please no odd-hours calls.


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