I have hundreds of hardwood and softwood slabs in stock. All slabs are available to be surfaced on one side or both (surfacing flattens the slab but it will still need sanding and finishing). Unfortunately I do not have photos of every single slab in my inventory. If you are serious about purchasing a slab or a finished piece of furniture, contact me to make an appointment to come pick out your desired slab.

Pine slabs 

White pine slabs range from 8′-20′ long. Pine slabs are the most economical choice and perfect for those wanting a rustic, Northwoods feel. White pine slabs are cut 3″ thick and kiln dried to 6-9% moisture.










Hardwood Slabs

All hardwood slabs are from urban reclaimed trees. These are trees that grew in backyards, street sides, parks, and other urban areas. Hardwood slabs are cut 3″ thick, stickered, and air dried at least one year before being kiln dried to 6-9% moisture content inside a 120F dehumidification kiln.

I have hundreds of slabs of the following species in stock:










photo 4

White Oak and Red Oak









Hard and Soft Maple

photo 2


photo 1











To make an appointment to pick out your desired slab, contact me.