The vast majority of the lumber I saw is for custom orders.  I can custom cut nearly any lumber package you are looking for. Use the contact page for orders or inquiries.

Planing is available on all lumber for $.25 a bdft.

Domestic Lumber

Other domestics are available. Please contact for details.

White/Red Pine 4/4Lumber –   All green lumber is $1.25 per board foot. Kiln dried is $1.50, kiln dried and planed is $1.75 per board foot. Availability varies.  All graded structural timbers and lumber are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Butternut Lumber – 12% moisture content.  Mill run, no separate grades, most clear. 4/4 and 3/4 rough sawn. 8′ lengths, 5-12″ widths. 4/4 – $2.00 per bdft, 3/4 – $1.50 per bdft  Can kiln dry if requested.

Ash lumber – 12% moisture content. Mill run, no separate grades, most clear. 4/4 thickness, 8′ length, random width (4-8″ mostly). Can kiln dry if requested.

Exotic Lumber

Indian Laurel Lumber Shorts- Looks like a cross between Walnut and Butternut.  Rough sawn to 1-1/16″ thick. Lengths 2-6′, widths from 3-7″.  200 bdft available. $3 per bdft.

Goncalo Alves Lumber Shorts – Goncalo alves ranges in color from light to reddish brown to deep mahogany red-brown with a striking figure created by beautiful, bold, brown to nearly black irregular markings or striping. The texture is fine to medium and uniform, with a fine grain, varying from straight to interlocked and wavy.  Surfaced to 7/8″. Lengths range from 3-7′, with widths from 2-1/2 – 9″.  160 bdft available. $3 per bdft.

Paldoa, Quartersawn – 4/4 – Looks slightly similar to Zebrawood. An attractive wood with heartwood that is grey-brown in color with a faint greenish tinge and irregular dark brown to black streaks. Some has a quilted appearance.  8′ lengths.  Widths 2-7″. 100 bdft available, rift sawn.  $6 per bdft.

Curly Movingui, Quartersawn – 4/4 – Movingui is golden yellow to bright yellow. The wood is medium to fine texture with a slightly interlocked grain that produces ribbon and beeswing figure in the quarter sawn surfaces. 100 bdft available. $6 per bdft.

African Pearwood, Figured – 8/4 – Heartwood is pinkish brown, red brown, or a rich red; sapwood is pinkish white or gray brown, rather well demarcated. Texture is fine and even; grain is straight, sometimes wavy; has an attractive figure. 100 bdft available.  $6 per bdft.