Slabbing Monster Elm

It has been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I would show some photos of a giant Elm I was hired to slab in Minneapolis.  The log was over 6′ in diameter and 15′ long. The fork had to be trimmed down from over 9′ wide. It stretched the limits of the Lucas Slabber but by the end of the day we had a nice stack of massive slabs.

Recent Sawing

Looks like its been a while since I posted anything. Check out these photos of some recent sawing.


A large Maple crotch on the forklift, and large burled Red Oak on the truck, waiting to be slabbed.




A couple very wide Elm slabs, freshly cut. The rest of the log is still waiting to be slabbed. The tree came from a yard in Minnesota and unfortunately has some foreign objects in it.





A large 3′ wide White Oak slab, one of a large stack, fresh off the mill.






A couple wide Maple slabs, sawed from a crotch.






Slabbing up a large White Oak Log.

New Slabs Listed

Greetings!  I have recently started taking photos of all slabs individually.  I am then listing them on the “slabs for sale” page along with the species type and the dimensions. This will make it easier for customers to find out what I have in inventory.  It will take me some time to photograph and upload everything I have in inventory. Watch for them to be posted in the coming days.


My apologies to everyone who has been trying to reach me over the last couple weeks.  I have been frantically setting up for maple syrup season so I have fallen a bit behind on lumber and slab orders.   Feel free to shoot me another message as a gentle reminder of what you’re looking for so you do not accidentally fall through the cracks.  Please be patient with me as I try to catch up.  Thank you for understanding.

Christmas Special

I’ve decided to lower a few prices and make some exceptionally good deals before Christmas. I guarantee you will not find slabs priced like this anywhere else.  On the for sale page I dropped the price on the domestic lumber and the slabs.

I have also listed a few more slabs.  These slabs were just cut 48 hours ago from a large White Oak log that was 32″ wide, 8′ long with a 36″ crotch on one end.  The slabs were cut 2-1/2″-3″ thick.  Because they are still green I am going to offer them at the ridiculously low price of $100 each. I am only going to do this until Christmas.  After that the price will go back up.

Barn Cleaning Sale!

It’s time to clean out the barn!  In order to make room for new lumber and slabs and the construction of the new dry kiln, some older items are being sold off at discount prices. Everything from exotic lumber like Goncolo Alves, Cocobolo, and Indian Laurel to domestics like Butternut and White Pine are up for grabs.  Be sure to check out the for sale page for details.



We are currently in the process of launching our new website.  Pardon the mess!  In the mean time, check out these photos of the Japanese (Amur) Cork logs we are slabbing.  The inner bark is bright yellow and the wood looks like a cross between Ash and Cherry. And yes, like everything else we saw, it is for sale!